Clad Plates


We stock about 1500 MT of various grades of Carbon Steel materials.

We stock SA 240 Tp 304L and 316L, 2000 mm width x 4 mm thk cold rolled coils of Western Origin.

This gives ICEM flexibility to provideExplosion Bonded Clad plates n a very quick time.

Explosion Bonded shop is located about 350 kms from our plant.

The plant has all the infrastructure, the requisite skill and experience to execute Explosion Bonding.

Explosion bonding in India is by "Energy Bonding Technology",which uses controlled energy of detonation explosive to create a high quality electron sharing metallurgical bond between two or more similar or dissimilar metals.

Heat treatment of Clad plates is Carried out in Mumbai after the Bonding.

Straightening of Clad Plate is done at ICEM's works after heat treatment.

The coupons are drawn from the Explosion Bonded plates under the appointed TPI.

The coupons are then tested under the TPI by reputed Laboratories and as per the specifications.

Pickling and passivation procedure of Clad Plates is done at ICEM.

It takes approx 6 to 8 weeks maximum to complete the entire process.

Base of clad of Western European origin complying stringent technical requirements.

The resultant bond strengths are frequently equivalent or better than that of parent metal.

Clad product manufactured in compliance to ASME SA 263, SA 264, SA 265 & B 432 under TPO LRIS / BVIS / TUV / ABS / Equivalent.

We can offer Dished Ends & Rolled Shell constructed form Explosion Bonded plates in the thickness range of 10+3 to 120+3 mainly SA 516 Gr. 40/65/60 + SS 316 L / 304 L.

Already supplying to premier fabricators of Kuwait, Malaysia & Oman.

ICEM is a TRUSTED DISHED ENDS SUPPLIER to premier fabricators of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman. Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Egypt.

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